Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are you doing what YOU WANT to do?

"Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted."

This is a fantastic scene from Fight Club. Tyler is pointing a gun at a young Chinese clerk that's been working in a shop. Raymond is on his knees and is begging for his life. Tyler asks him what he wanted to do in his life, he wanted to become a veterinarian but didn't ('cause he had to work).

Tyler: I know who you are and where you live Raymond, if you're not on your way to becoming a veterinarian in 3 weeks I will find you and kill you. Now go home...

Raymond ran away in tears. Tyler: "Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted." Isn't this true? :) We start to value things in life only when we almost die. We are grateful for little things only when we understand that life is a gift and we should use it. Do what you want to do, not what other people tell you to do. Live your dream. It's your life.

A man I truly admire once said: "Life is too short to be living somebody else's dreams" - Hugh Hefner (biography) So true... Once you almost die you start viewing things differently. You start to appreciate life more. The food, the people, the nature, yourself. Live every day as if it was your last - many have said this.

The first thing that is stopping all of us to do what we would REALLY want to do in life is FEAR.
Fear is killing us. It is protecting us, but killing us. We are so afraid of public humiliation, what other people think and other completely stupid BS that we end up crazy. We are so afraid from telling people what we think in the face that we are actually destroying ourselves with silence. Lies are killing us, actually. Have you ever thought about what would happen if for 1 day you would be completely honest. No lies, only 100% honesty with people. Straight to the point, in their face, everything you really think. What would happen?

Watch this video:

Life could be beautiful, you could feel free. From yourself. From bs. Just be yourself, no fears, nothing. Life is great actually, it's just all about the way you think and the way you see the world. The glass can be half full or half empty. You always have a choice. So, are you doing what you want to do? Think about this for a moment. Who are you? What is your identity? Remember:

"You are not your job. You are not the contents of your wallet. You are not your fuckin' khakis. You are the all singing all dancing crap of the world"

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More Fight Club quotes coming later,
Jack :)


Filip T. said...

Hey, Jack I did your Fight Club blog. I saw your message on Curt's Surviving Within Civilization blog.

Here is my own blog if you are curious:

Filip T. said...

Sorry, that was suppose to be "dig" not "did your Fight Club blog." :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! The fact that you use a quote from Hugh Hefner...and the fact that you truly admire him...tells me all I need to know. What a joke.

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