Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fight Club Quotes

Hey people, back after some time with more Fight Club Quotes for you.

"Self-improvement is masturbation, now self destruction..."

This quote is interesting. We are always trying to improve ourselves, which is of course good, at least in my opinion. But Tyler thinks different. Tyler thinks we are all idiots for constantly worrying about how we look, what other people think and how to get better. Sometimes I agree with this, sometimes I'm also fed up with all the bullshit and just want to "let go" and "be", enjoy the moment. I've started reading Eckart Tolle's book, the Power of Now. Pretty interesting. Tolle says that our mind is possessing us, and that we are all sick, that we all have a disease of "thinking" all the time. We're never in the moment, always past or future. I'll tell you more about it once I read the entire book, just read a few pages for now. But it is interesting, like try "thinking" about nothing for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes, almost impossible. Try not having ANY thoughts in your head, just no-mind, empty head. It's really hard :) !

So, self destruction? I sometimes have this urge to destruct myself. Really, like do nothing in life, just chill and "let the chips fall where they may". Actually this state of mind is pretty liberating. The other fight club quote which I've already mentioned a few times is:

"Only after we lose everything, are we free to become anything".

Hard one. But think about it. We are slaves of our own minds. Worry, frustration, bullshit. Half of us is addicted to computers, facebook, tv etc. I just got addicted to facebook recently. I do not even know why. I just have this feeling that I HAVE to check it out, see if there's "something new".

"The things you own end up owning you"

Why do we even upload pictures on that bullshit? I mean, what's the point. I really don't understand. But the is there. Hard to explain, but you get what I'm talking about. A few months ago I tried to live 10 days without using the TV and Computer. I lasted 3 days, then I "had" to turn it on. So much about willpower... :)

Those were the Fight Club Quotes for today,
come back later for more,

Jack :)

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