Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fight Club Quotes

Hey people, back after some time with more Fight Club Quotes for you.

"Self-improvement is masturbation, now self destruction..."

This quote is interesting. We are always trying to improve ourselves, which is of course good, at least in my opinion. But Tyler thinks different. Tyler thinks we are all idiots for constantly worrying about how we look, what other people think and how to get better. Sometimes I agree with this, sometimes I'm also fed up with all the bullshit and just want to "let go" and "be", enjoy the moment. I've started reading Eckart Tolle's book, the Power of Now. Pretty interesting. Tolle says that our mind is possessing us, and that we are all sick, that we all have a disease of "thinking" all the time. We're never in the moment, always past or future. I'll tell you more about it once I read the entire book, just read a few pages for now. But it is interesting, like try "thinking" about nothing for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes, almost impossible. Try not having ANY thoughts in your head, just no-mind, empty head. It's really hard :) !

So, self destruction? I sometimes have this urge to destruct myself. Really, like do nothing in life, just chill and "let the chips fall where they may". Actually this state of mind is pretty liberating. The other fight club quote which I've already mentioned a few times is:

"Only after we lose everything, are we free to become anything".

Hard one. But think about it. We are slaves of our own minds. Worry, frustration, bullshit. Half of us is addicted to computers, facebook, tv etc. I just got addicted to facebook recently. I do not even know why. I just have this feeling that I HAVE to check it out, see if there's "something new".

"The things you own end up owning you"

Why do we even upload pictures on that bullshit? I mean, what's the point. I really don't understand. But the is there. Hard to explain, but you get what I'm talking about. A few months ago I tried to live 10 days without using the TV and Computer. I lasted 3 days, then I "had" to turn it on. So much about willpower... :)

Those were the Fight Club Quotes for today,
come back later for more,

Jack :)

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taige said...

wooh. pretty cool site. but i think you're going to run out of quotes though :)

Anyways I found your site cuz I made a poster with fight club quotes.


What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff man,
Anyway I want to make a point on the quote. Tyler's point with self-improvement being manstrubation is that you don't let it go,(by that I mean your limetingbeliefs and fears)

Selfdestruction dosen't necassarliy mean not to improve one self as individual, go to the gym etc...and just don't give a shit about things. To me, selfdestruction is more about becomeing a "real"man and by that I mean to change your own beliefs about things, conquering hesatation and stuff like that.

Tyler was "free in all the ways you were not" as said in the movie beacuse he had the ability to give up his identity.

Most people will never be able to change themselves beacuse they give in to old patterns and can never brake the cycel of mediocrity. So point being is to truly change yourself you have to have the ability to belive that you can change and actually doing it.


Mr. Mayhem said...

Nice blog. This year we hit the 10 year anniversary and tributes are beginning to appear:

Nice tribute video:

Also check out SuicideGirls:

Since Tyler was never really alive then he can never really be dead. He's like santa clause in that if you believe in him he's real. With this we can never run out of quotes as we are free to keep creating.


Gisselle said...

FINALLY! Somebody who loves Fight Club just as much as I do. Love your site.

What the fuck does "choose an identity" mean?! said...

Do You love this film so much that You would like to live it?

Nicholas L. Selandor

PS: Sticking feathers up Your butt does not make You a chicken.

Anonymous said...

nice blog i guess but wtf is this pile of crap : " p.s.: If you want to learn how to pick up girls, check this book out, it's good click here "

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

Anonymous said...

I like you jack. Your interesting.

flicksnitch said...

Palahniuk Rocks!
I reviewed Fight Club here:

Anonymous said...

dude self destruction means this......only after we destroy our fucked up egoes can we ever be somethn different ego=self...in other words crush ur ego...take all the pain and let ur ego die!!


katrick said...

nice quotes man...loved your site

katrick said...

nice blog man...loved it to core

Aaron said...

One of the best blogs I've read, please write more. I enjoyed reading this very much.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas L. Selandor said:

"PS: Sticking feathers up Your butt does not make You a chicken."

First of all, who gives a fuck. But in the spirit of entertaining myself, I disagree. If you really believe it does your mind will makes it so.

PS> GOing to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Eckhart Tolle? Your pulling our legs right? His bullshit is part of the problem not the solution, anything that Oprah Winfrey sells or endorses (the key word there is "endorse", it's a popular term within the corporate community......am I ringing any alarm bells yet) is pure, unadulterated crap.....don't fall for it. Tolle and the other "guru's of self-help" rancid nonsense that's being pushed upon the public is nothing more than consumerist spirituality and a placebo in book form (with huge marketing skills and a corporate company behind you, we can all be nice, perfect little guru's of inanity and mediocrity right)? I see in an earlier post you're talking about the "law of attraction" and "The Secret"......sorry man, but you've completely missed the point of Fight Club by a mile if you think that "think happy thoughts and the world is yours" shit has anything to do with Tyler Durden's philosophy. Sorry man, Im not trying to be an arsehole here, honestly, but Fight Club has more to do with Nietzsche and Sartre's self-creation philosophy than candy-flossed Disney mystics such as Tolle and Byrne.

Anonymous said...

Love the quotes :) Love the blog haha, and of course love Tyler Durden.

Anonymous said...

My name is John Smith

I am 17 years old and i will be turning 18 next sunday and i have been living a life full of lies. I don't have 15 kills(people I've had sex with). I didn't play football past grade 11, that being the first year i played and i wasn't given a scholarship or anything to university for football. I pretend to be anxious and depressed so i can get pity from others or just so i can pity myself. I use my grandfathers death as an excuse for every failure I've done in my life, instead of just accepting the fact that it was me. I pretended to be an alcoholic in grade 10-11 just so i can blame stuff on that instead of facing the facts and having a normal school life. Ive had a crush on the same girl for 4 years and i haven't had the guts to tell her even though we have fooled around twice. But the reason im telling you all this isn't because i want pity for my sad excuse of a life, its because i want to be honest, i want to let go of all the bullshit I've put up and all the lies and masks that I've used to cover who i am. Im done with getting material possessions just so i can prove to others im of a good social class. Im fucking tired of my life being the same bullshit another day. I've lied so many times there are times where i forget which lie was said to who. But I've finally realized that well life is too short, its too short to be afraid, or not say whats on your mind. Ive done drugs and I've tried to push it to the point where i don't wake up yet i do anyways and i go on with my life as if nothing ever happened. IM FUCKING DONE WITH THIS. i want a life where i can "let the chips fall where they may". i want a life where i can say whatever the fuck is on my mind without giving a fuck what others think about me. But most importantly, im done being fake, im done keeping my thoughts inside and im done with all the crap I've pulled to impress people. the only real sad part of this story of mine is that it took a movie for me to realize this. This movie made me understand all of these things, my life is in my fucking hands and im not going to let society, other people, or even my friends tell me what to do with it. Im going to wake up tomorrow HAPPY with who i am, im going to go through my day being brutally honest and accepting the fact that society may look down on me. i will be free in all the ways that i was not, that is my goal, that is my determination. This is going to be hard, and i may even feel like giving up, but this message to you is what i will be looking at to keep me going. Tyler Durden you made me realize the true power i have over my life, and i finally realize that i must lose everything to be free to become anything, and for that, I thank you.

Ryan said...

Jack, why have you given up on this blog? I see all this potential, and I see squandering.

I love what you've written so far. From what I picked up, you share many of my visions and interests. So write on, I pretend like I'm intersted!

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fight club quotes said...

This is a great site. This movie became something of a religion to me for a time in my life. My favorite quote from this is "The things you own end up owning you". It is insane how our entire world is driven by marketing and materialism. It's all about what you have, what you drive, what you wear. "You're not your fu*kin khakis!". I would love to see you add some more content!

Fight Club Soundtrack said...

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Anonymous said...

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Joe Barnes said...

There is no greater source of wisdom than Tyler Durden. Should be up there with Budha and Jesus as a spiritual teacher!
For my of his wisdom on how to live an exciting life check out my blog post

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why we can't self destruct us ... i mean... how ... how do we can be happy in this society? Can we be truly free? And if we cannot so do we always feel depressed? Every body in this fucking World is or seems depressed?
May be you should come back jack ..